Job Seeker Frequently Asked Questions
+How to register as job seeker?
  • Visit
  • On your screen, to the top right corner, please find ‘job seeker login’ tab
  • It will take you to log in page.
  • Click on new user and it will take you to registration page
  • Fill all the required details and you are through
  • Use the same details to log-in as well
+Do I need a valid email address for registering on ToilJobs?
  • Yes, you will need a valid email to register
  • We will be sending you updates on jobs that’s are most suitable to you as per your profile
+How to post my resume?
  • Please log-in with your details
  • Search for the desired job
  • While you apply for that particular job, you will have an option to upload and post your resume to the employer
+How can I apply for jobs?
  • You will need to register with as job seeker
  • Filter your desired job
  • Click on the job posting and hit on apply and you are through
+I am below 18, can I apply for job?
  • If you are below 18, you cannot apply for any paid job. However, you can apply for volunteering opportunities or internship opportunities if you are keen on growing as professional
+Do I get an email about the jobs I applied for?
  • Yes. You will get an email on the email you registered with us for every job you apply
+Does it cost to post my resume or apply for any jobs?
  • Posting your resume for any job is free of cost
+I can’t remember my password. How to resent the password?
  • During your log-in screen, you will see an option called ‘forgot password’. Simply click on that and follow the steps
+Who has access to my resume and my profile?
  • When you apply for any job, the employer who receives your CV will have access to your CV
  • Authorized representative from ToilJobs who will be managing your account will have access to your CV and other data just for development purpose and is completely protective
  • Employers who are looking to hire you will have access to your CV
+How can I update my profile?
  • Log-in to your profile
  • Click on your name on the top right corner on the website and find the option ‘Update profile’
  • Click on ‘Update profile’ and edit your profile as per your wish
+Are the jobs available on ToilJobs verified?
  • All the job postings on are verified and are posted by verified companies by ToilJobs
+Are the employers on ToilJobs legal and verified?
  • Yes. For better job search experience and to avoid fake companies’ registrations, we take extra care to only have legally registered companies/organizations to post jobs at ToilJobs
+What kind of jobs are available on ToilJobs?
  • You can search for full time jobs, part time jobs, internships, freelancing opportunities and volunteering opportunities
  • You can search them through a very user friendly interactive search navigation bar on the home page and at the left side of every page as filter search
+Can I contact ToilJobs if I am facing any issue with the employer?
  • Yes, you may contact ToilJobs if you are facing any issues with employer. We would be more than happy to resolve the same
  • You can connect us on along with name, contact number, address, name of the employer you have problem with and your concern
+I applied for jobs at few companies and I haven’t heard from them. What can I do?
  • Different companies have different standards and methods of hiring and at times it may take some while to connect with you. Please have some patients
  • Companies many times have already hired their required candidate and hence they won’t respond to you
  • All you need to do is, either follow up with the company over an email or call them and check with them
+Is the CTC mentioned on the job post final?
  • Many times, companies may not get an opportunity to update the salary they want to put up hence they put an approximate range they can offer you
  • Companies offers everyone a salary based on your qualification, experience or your previous CTC
  • When you apply for job, you should check with the company about what are they offering you depending on your qualification, experience, last CTC etc
+How to search for a job on ToilJobs?
  • You need to register with ToilJobs
  • You need to understand by yourself if you are looking for full time, part time, internship, freelancing or volunteering
  • After you have decided on the job type, click on the job type from the home page or from the filter of any of the other pages
  • Once you are at the job type page, please follow the filters and you will get your desired job as per location, CTC, experience and industry
+The job search at times is not giving me what I need. What can I do?
  • You need to narrow down your search properly
  • The job you are looking for may not be available on ToilJobs
+Can I get job alerts?
  • You can get job alerts. All you need to do it, on the footer of website, enter your email and click on subscribe and once we receive your email, we will send you periodic job alerts
+Can I create a new profile on ToilJobs?
  • You can only create one profile on ToilJobs
  • If required, you can update details of your profile
+How can I protect my data on ToilJobs?
  • You need to create a very strong password and do not share it with anyone
  • We at ToilJobs take extra security measures to ensure the privacy and security of your data on ToilJobs
+I am uneducated. Can I still get a job through ToilJobs?
  • You may please use our filter option to find job a job that matches your qualification
+How do I know about the company I am applying job for?
  • Every company will be writing about who they are and the company you are getting hired for. You just need to use that name and use google search engine to search the company
+How long does it take for employers to revert on my application?
  • It depends on employer to employer. At times employer may take couple of month depending on the number of application they receive or their recruitment process
+Can I get job only for a short period?
  • Yes. You can. Usually freelancing job, part time jobs, internships or volunteering are for short term but you can always use the filter to find your desired job
+How long do I need to commit to any job through ToilJobs?
  • Your commitment on the job depends on the commitment employers ask from you. We are just a platform to connect you with the right job that matches your capabilities
+Can I work at multiple companies at the same time?
  • Many companies do not allow one to work at different company. You may still want to check with your employer if you can work with another company while you are with them
+Do I get paid for internship?
  • Payment will differ from company to company. Internships are meant for learning experience. Companies may pay you depending on your performance. Internships will give you an exposure to professional set up, it will give you a referral to add to your resume and most importantly it will give you an experience that will add to your self-esteem
+Do I get paid for volunteering?
  • Payments for volunteering will depend on organisation to organisation. Volunteering is a type of job which you choose to do looking at the terms and conditions made by the organizations. Only non-for profit organisations and CSR units of companies can get volunteers. While you apply for volunteering opportunities, please ensure that you are learning about the organizations
+Can I get work from home job opportunities?
  • Yes. Companies/organisations offer work from home opportunities as well. When you apply for job, please do check if they can offer you work from home. It is always advisable that you go for work from office opportunities unless you are applying for freelancing, internships, volunteering or part time jobs
+Can I get night shift jobs through ToilJobs?
  • Yes. You can get night shoft jobs as well. All you need to do is, go to any job type page and apply filter from the timing. You will get your desired job
+When I apply for job on, will I get call from ToilJobs or the company where I applied for job?
  • You may get a call from the company/organisation where you applied for jobs
  • ToilJobs does not call you unless and until you as job seekers does not raise any complain on our portal
+Where can I complain about fake companies/job posting?
  • You can drop an email to and we will do the required enqury about the said company and if found guilty, that company or job posting will be banned from ToilJobs
+How do I know if the job vacancy is closed?
  • We do not allow any company to let the job posting be on our portal for more than 1 month. While applying, if you see an option to apply for the particular job, it means they are still hiring and then once you have applied, you may directly check with the company if they are still hiring
  • Companies will also be updating about vacancy status on ToilJobs
+Can I get freelancing job on ToilJobs?
  • Yes, you will get freelancing job opportunities as well on our portal. Just visit out home page and click on ‘Freelancing job’ tab and you will be redirected to a page full of freelancing opportunities
+Can I get freelancing job on ToilJobs?
  • Yes, we allow NGO’s and CSR units of companies to post volunteering opportunities and you can apply for volunteering opportunities as well
+How can I register as employer on ToilJobs?
  • Every company has their own respective mandates of hiring and if you really need that job, you will have to do the assignment to the best of your ability
Employers Frequently Asked Questions
+How can I register as employer on ToilJobs?
  • Please visit our home page and on your right corner of the screen, you will find an option called ‘Employer log-in’. Please click on the same and you will be redirected to log-in page
  • Once you reach log-in page, you will find an option called ‘New user’. Click on the tab ‘New user’ and you will be redirected to the registration page
  • Please fill all details correctly and your registration will be confirmed
+Who all can view my profile and business details?
  • Any candidate who wishes to apply for your jobs posted has access to your company public profile
+How can I update/edit my profile on ToilJobs?
  • You can simply hover on your name on home page of the and you will find a tab called ‘Update profile’
  • Just click on the same and fill in the required details and save them
+Why do I need to submit the documents to post jobs on ToilJobs?
  • You need to submit documents in order to verify yourself as legally operating entity
  • We have added that as extra security measures so that when any job seeker applies for job, they are rest assured that the company is a legal entity and they are not getting into any fraud company
+How would I know if I am a verified employer on ToilJobs?
  • Once you submit your document, you will receive an email from ToilJobs to confirm your registration with as an employer
+What happens to the documents I submit to ToilJobs to verify me as employer?
  • Your scanned documents remains with ToilJobs as document proof of you being legal entity
  • Your documents will not be used anywhere but shall remain protected with
+Are my company/business/organisation documents shared with anyone?
  • ToilJobs will never share your documents with anyone. They are strictly for verification purpose
+How long does it take to get verified as employer on ToilJobs?
  • It may take up-to 24 hours for us to verify you a employer on ToilJobs
+Can I post a job if I am not a legally operating company/business/organisation?
  • You will need to register your company and only then you can post jobs on
+Is there any cost to post jobs?
  • The cost varies from time to time. You can even post free jobs and also sponsor your job posting to get better results
+Can I skip my salary field?
  • You cannot skip your salary field. Having filled all the data will give you better candidates
+What are different types of job posting I can do on ToilJobs?
  • You can post a full-time job, part time job, internship position, freelancing job and volunteering opportunity
+How can I post my job on ToilJobs?
  • Register yourself as employer
  • Verify your documents
  • Go to your dashboard and on your left side of the screen will be an option to post jobs
  • Click on any of the job types you want to post and you will have a form to fill in. Just fill the required fields and you are through
+How do I enter preferred job location, salary etc on ToilJobs job posting?
  • When you are filling all details of your job posting, you will find these option on the same form. Just fill those details and submit the job. Your data will be reflected on your job posting
+For how long will my job post advertisement remain on the website?
  • It stays for one month
+How long does it take my job posting to reflect on website?
  • It will be reflected immediately after you post
+How can I modify a job I have posted on ToilJobs?
  • You cannot modify a job posting you have made. Hence it is advisable to check the posting carefully before you submit
+How can I remove my job from your website?
  • On your dashboard, you will find an option to delete the job posting you have done or you can email us on to request for removal
+How can I change the status of candidates we hired?
  • On your dashboard, you will find all candidates who applied for your job. Click on the candidate and you will find an option ‘Hired’. Click on that and you are through
+How can I keep a track of job posting activity on ToilJobs?
  • For every job posting made on, the activity can be tracked on your dashboard
+Where can I see all the jobs I posted?
  • Go to the home page of the website
  • Click on the job type and you will be redirected to the job type page where all the jobs are posted
  • On the job type page, please use filter as per your job posting and your job will be seen on that filter
+Can I get access to resume database?
  • Yes. You can get as premium member
+I am having problem signing in, what can I do?
  • Please use forget password option or send us an email at if you are still facing any issue with signing in
+I forgot my user name and password, what can I do?
  • Please use the forgot password link to reset your password
+Where will I receive the candidate’s application from ToilJobs?
  • You will receive all the applications directly to the email you registered with as employer
+Whom should I contact if I am facing any issue with my account?
  • When you register, you would have received an email with a contact number. You need to call on that number
  • If you don’t find the email, you can email us at and explain us the problem you are facing and we would be more than happy to help you
+Can I advertise with ToilJobs?
  • Yes. You can advertise with ToilJobs. All you need to do is, either send an email to or fill a small form available on your dashboard
+I am a start-up; can I post a job?
  • Yes. If you are legally registered company, you can post jobs at
+I am an NGO, can I post a job?
  • Yes. You can post jobs as an NGO but you need to be a registered NGO in order to post jobs
+How does ToilJobs promote my job posting?
  • When you post your job on, it goes out as an email to an audience of 1.5 crore
+What level of job posting can I do?
  • You can do job posting from an entry level, blue color to white color level job posting
+What industry of job posting can I do?
  • We have almost every industry job posting available. If you do not find your industry, you can add it manually and we will add it in our database
+How many applications can I receive on my job posting?
  • You can receive unlimited applications and it depends on if you are sponsoring your job posting
+What location job posting is available on ToilJobs?
  • We operate PAN India. You can post jobs across India
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