Freelance translators - Korean to English
Job Title Freelance translators - Korean to English
Location Mumbai
Salary Rs 200000 - 400000
Experience 1 - 1 years
Shift NA

Job Details


1) Fluency in Korean.

2) An understanding and knowledge of technical terminology as expressed in the native language as well as in English is highly preferred.

3) Expertise/an advanced degree in any of the following fields: Chemistry, Materials Science, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Medicine, Plant & Animal Science, Neurology, Dentistry, Orthodontics, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Psychology, and Healthcare.

4) Minimum 1 year of translation experience.

5) Familiarity with Microsoft Word.


1) Strong time management skills (you will be required to work on deadlines).

2) Ability to work independently


1) Work on academic manuscripts written in Korean.

2) Work in a foreign-language setting will be preferred.

3) Work will involve translating an academic research paper from the original language to native English.

No .of vacancies

1 vacancies


1) Work Autonomy.

2) Steady inflow of Assignments.

3) Systems and Processes.

4) Flexibility.

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