Senior Developer - PHP
Job Title Senior Developer - PHP
Location Coimbatore
Salary Rs 240000 - 300000
Experience 5 - 6 years
Shift Day Shift

Job Details


1) Minimal Educational Qualifications: Master of Computer Applications(M.C.A)
2) Computer Skills: PHP
3) Required Work Experience: 5 years
4) Gender Preference: None


Self Starter
Excellent Oral Communication
Interpersonal Relationship
Problem Solving
Work flow analysis


You need to be Technically well versed in:
1) PHP
2) JavaScript
3) Symphony
4) Doctrine
5) Webservice - SOA
6) MySql
7) Postgres (Preferrable)
8) JQuery
9) BootStrap

No .of vacancies

1 vacancies


1) Powerful Spaces for Personal Growth.
2) Look forward to spending each day in a joyful, non-competitive atmosphere.
3) Experience true job satisfaction with the knowledge that your efforts are supporting Isha in touching and transforming the lives of millions of people around the world.

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