Female Physiotherapist
Job Title Female Physiotherapist
Location Coimbatore
Salary Rs 300000 - 500000
Experience 1 - 2 years
Shift Day Shift

Job Details


1) Bachelor of Physiotherapy(B.P.T)
2) 1 year work experience required


1) Handling all kinds of physio equipment
2) Experience with all types of modalities/ therapies
3) Good knowledge on the human skeletal system and various types of injuries
4) Experience with various levels of physio for various types of injuries
5) Skill in handling tough patients, competence in handling patients chronic pain
6) Willingness to follow up with the patients on a regular basis
7) MS Office
8) Gmail


1) Physio modalities
2) Physio exercises
3) Chronic patients follow up

No .of vacancies

1 vacancies


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